John Brady - 2 1/2 oz Gold Flakes - $800

Not resolved

If you have fallen victim in purchasing any Gold Flakes from John Brady and Melanie Ross-Brady, Please call the Manchester Police Department (603) 668-8711 Detective Division.Or fill out a report at this link: is a scam.

The parties involved in this scam, John Brady and Melanie Ross claim to be selling 2.5 oz of pure gold with certificate of authenticity. If you have purchased anything of this sort by either of them and have been ripped off, contact the above. And or have purchased the same content, have it wieghed and checked out by a local Jeweler for content.

It is not what you think you purchased.They are also involved in other scams such as stopping payments on purchases for coins, Catering Gift Certificates, Non-profit foundation.If you google their names you'll find out their history.

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